About Us


Zero Hour India is creating awe inspiring  experiences from the last 25 years. It was started in 1996. Zero  symbolize microcosm of infinite possibilities & it is embryo of  creativity. Zero Hour India engaged in ART DIRECTION, which includes  designing & execution of sets for Films, Serials, Events, Corporate  Weddings & now it’s very famous in Banquets & Wedding  Venue/Resort/Motel Designing.

 Our  forte is designing & creating astonishing, colossal sets, wedding  venue/resort. We have also transformed many barren spaces into opulent  wedding venues in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Jaipur, Surat, Rohtak, Panipat,  Nagpur, Raipur & Pune. Our skilled craftsmen & proficient  designers get together to create a breath taking experience. 

Enter  transcendental world where each element is personally crafted to  offer  a rare and refined experience. A traditional Indian set up or a   Venetian set up, we make it happen with ease & elegance.   

 We  can serve you with creative, safe and fast design services, especially  designing an wedding venue, providing interior accessories, properties,  furniture and even exporting furniture and accessories from China. From  planning, designing, executing to managing venues, we can ensure that  you and your client will be satisfied with our services. 

Our Team

Sanjay Dhabade

Art Director

Vinod Waghmale

Creative Director

Satyajeet Nimbalkar